Clouds under the table

Acustronica (2011)

Clouds under the table




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"I just think this entire album is beautiful" All About Jazz (U.S.A.)

featured in "2011 - A Year in Music" by Burning Dervish

selected as a "Top 10 album of 2011" by NetMusic Life

selected as a "Top 10 album of 2011" by Doujin-music

"[...]piani sonori che si sovrappongono con calma e leggerezza[...]" All About Jazz (Italy)

"Paesaggi sonori mutevoli[...]I riferimenti sono in certa ambient music degli anni Ottanta e Novanta, da Brian Eno a Harold Budd, con qualche suggestione post-rock" Musica Jazz

"One of the best electronica album i heard this autumn." Yamanote Dreams

"Nheap creates amazing instrumental music" Because I have mind

"Textures of the best post rock, free of genre clichés. [...]All the work is inspired and inspiring, moved by a research of technique and sound not indifferent" RockIt

""Clouds under the table" is an excellent and eclectic work, with countless influences[...]a never boring instrumental album that offers surprises after many listening" NetMusic Life

"A charming album of musical carvings[...] For fans of intense and complex listening experiences or for those searching for music to help them concentrate on their own works of art, Clouds Under The Table by Nheap is a must-hear album." Space Giraffe

"Wonderfully consistent and cohesive, yet accessible and inventive" AmbientExotica

"Nheap proves to be an artist at 360 degrees thanks to the skill of knowing how to juggle very well both in harmonic and in discontinuous phases, and often managing to combine the two souls." Sonofmarketing

""Ambient" might begin to describe this music, but the presence of Discepoli's relatively straightforward drumming gives the compositions more of a rootedness and energy than that to which most typical electronic ambient music lays claim" All About Jazz

"A vibrant and rich sonic color palette combined with soul shaking melodies and a live drum set move this music to a post rock/jazz fusion line where it music rests comfortably while creating an ambient pulse.[...]Clouds Under The Table is a well thought out and impeccably performed sonic food for the visceral as well as the cerebral" @Critical Jazz

"[...]you will encounter the mellifluous minimalism of Steve Reich hand-in-hand with the idm of Boards Of Canada and moments that bring to mind a classic jazz Miles or Coltrane with post rock bands such as Tortoise and Do Make Say Think. Nheap presents a deep sound, which do you disguise gradually after several hearings, continually discovering details and elements that make it all more interesting. But, since the first listening, the music relaxes, calms and travels. Intricate rhythms meet simple and beautiful melodies, experimentation and relaxed, cool ideas. In this helps amazing drums and percussion that stimulates the more abstract and ambient compositions. Thus, the "heavy" avant-garde atmosphere somehow unload through the filter of a warm mood.[...]" Music on air

"[...]an impressive consolidation of Discepoli’s distinctive sound." Leonard's Lair

"A well thought out musical maneuver" bahgheera's orbit

"I can only agree with the statement that creative music can also be warm, for instance, if to regard Massimo Discepoli`s 8-piece brand new one" Recent music heroes

"Relaxing, but very thoughtful at the same time, recommended" Hidden Vibes Community

"Rides" featured as "Download of the day" on AllAboutJazz

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Nearly 2 years in the making, and following the critically acclaimed Skymotion (selected as one of the best albums of 2009 by various blogs), "Clouds under the table" marks a new cornerstone in Nheap career. Featuring haunting melodies, quirky rhythms, organic electronics, postrock and jazz suggestions, dynamic live drums playing and a biggest sound, this album will find its place among listeners who think creative music can also be warm.

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