Acustronica (2009)



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one of "The Best Albums of 2009" by Leonard's Lair

one of "The Best Instrumental Albums of 2009" by Hold the Throne

Hldrrr "Today's free MP3" on 16/10/2009 on All about jazz

"Jazz, ambient and electronica just made a baby, and it’s pretty good!" Subba-cultcha

"Skymotion is a delightfully atmospheric record which combines jazz, post-rock and electronic music into something wonderfully warm and intelligent. An album which contains style and substance in equal measure." Leonard's Lair

"Smooth and thought provoking, the album has a certain curiosity to it making you feel like a little child exploring the depths of what your ears can hear. I would definitely recommend this album for anyone with an adventurous spirit when it comes to music. I have been listening to it on repeat while writing this review and swear that it has helped my productivity. I feel more artistic after every minute listening." Life ink

A travel between jazz and electronic, ambient and drum and bass. Melody and psychedely, acoustics and electronics sounds are blended together in Skymotion, Nheap's sophomore effort.

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