Musicaoltranza (2008)



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"Realight is a pleasing listening experience, with good playing all around and, most of all, is a really good produced and well thought work" Impatto Sonoro

"For the genre's fans, a pleasing and relaxing listening experience" Onda Rock

"Band of the day on 26/09/2008" Dedication

"A mix of ambient and IDM worthwhile a focused listening" Josè Leaci

"A story in 10 chapters, you'll never want to read the "end" word" MusicaOltranza

"A daring debut, a breath of fresh air in these times of reashings" Bloomriot

"In "Realight", Nheap, starting from some lights rhythms (denoting a strong knowledge), build a personal and fascinating sound" Doremilla

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