Flying and the silence

Acustronica (2013)

Flying and the silence

"Beautifully-crafted and richly-textured music" All About Jazz

""Flying and the silence" is a an excellent project" Mescalina

"A great album" Terrascope

"The drumming alone is enough to justify the purchase of this album" Open

Clouds under the table

Acustronica (2011)

Clouds under the table

"I just think this entire album is beautiful" All About Jazz (U.S.A.)

featured in "2011 - A Year in Music" by Burning Dervish

selected as a "Top 10 album of 2011" by NetMusic Life

"Paesaggi sonori mutevoli[...]I riferimenti sono in certa ambient music degli anni Ottanta e Novanta, da Brian Eno a Harold Budd, con qualche suggestione post-rock" Musica Jazz


Acustronica (2009)


one of "The Best Albums of 2009" by Leonard's Lair

one of "The Best Instrumental Albums of 2009" by Hold the Throne

Hldrrr "Today's free MP3" on 16/10/2009 on All about jazz

"Jazz, ambient and electronica just made a baby, and it’s pretty good!" Subba-cultcha


Musicaoltranza (2008)


"Realight is a pleasing listening experience, with good playing all around and, most of all, is a really good produced and well thought work" Impatto Sonoro

"A daring debut, a breath of fresh air in these times of reashings" Bloomriot

The Ambient Sides

Acustronica (2007)

The Ambient Sides

"Nheap first album, featuring four imaginary soundtracks